Cloud Based Digital Lab Notebook And Softwaree


Sciency® ELN Cloud is a revolutionary cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) solution that delivers unparalleled methods for laboratory personnel to categorize, communicate, capture, collaborate, and collect their laboratory’s findings, data, images, and any other pertinent information.

Given the functionality to link notebooks with additional project notes, images, spreadsheets, charts, and other pertinent information, Sciency® ELN Cloud offers complete flexibility with how data is handled, captured, and stored throughout all stages of the experiments.

Additionally, Sciency® ELN Cloud provides offline options for sharing specific notes, such as through email or printing hard copies, and cloud-based chat-like text discussions within the solution to ensure communication remains open and active between your laboratory personnel, even when offsite.

Cloud Built for Lab Data Security, Regulation Compliance and Constant Availability

The Sciency® ELN Cloud uses state-of-the-art, cross-region servers and storage technologies managed directly by RURO and able to be accessed by customers via a web browser from anywhere in the world, at any time.


Sciency® ELN Cloud is a powerful data management tool designed to integrate all facets of the laboratory and provide analytical standardization. The solution provides increased analysis efficiency by allowing the researchers to capture lab instrument data, record experiment results, export solution data directly to external systems (i.e. LIMS, LIS, etc.) or to files (i.e. text or PDF), and generate their own research-specific templates.

Additionally, all information entered into Sciency® ELN Cloud is assembled into Projects, each of which consists of a Summary, Notebook, Discussion (i.e. chat feature), Reminders, Audit Trail, and File Explorer. By grouping the projects in this manner, the solution allows for manual viewing ease and maximized request retrieval performance via the powerful search capabilities the solution offers.


security and hipaa compliance

Data security in the cloud is a serious concern. Sciency® ELN Cloud encrypts data in transit and at rest so that your data is always safe and secure.

Security Features on All Editions Include:

1028 Bit Encryption.
Secure Socket Layer.
Operating System Level Vulnerability Monitoring

Available Security Features:

Advanced Persistent Threat Testing.
Security Log Monitoring


FDA 21 CFR Parts 11, 21, 58, 210, 211, 820, cGLP/cGMP,
Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines, HIPAA



Sciency® ELN Cloud affords the laboratory a multitude of tools and modules that will aid the researchers with planning and tracking their experiments more accurately and efficiently.

Sciency® ELN Cloud is an online electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) solution that offers customizable note and project templates to ensure adherence to laboratory experiment procedures and protocols and specific needs are being accurately meet.

Additionally, it offers the ability for researchers to instantly collaborate with each other via its discussion (i.e. chat) feature and also connect notebooks with other project notes, images, spreadsheets, charts, and other pertinent research information. For added security, researchers are able to secure, or lock, notes upon completion. This helps prevent unnecessary edits and enables the researcher to ensure the note’s integrity after it has been finalized. With these tools, Sciency® ELN Cloud ensures that your research data is collected accurately, efficiently, and securely, all while maintaining its integrity.

Integration with FreezerPro

By combining Sciency® ELN with sample inventory management, such as RURO's FreezerPro®, users can link patient and sample data to their experimental data.


Integration with ezColony for transgenic animals research.


By combining Sciency® ELN with transgenic animal management, such as RURO's ezColony®, users can link animal, breeding and genotyping data to their experimental results.


Implementation of Sciency® ELN significantly expands organizational abilities for data storage, searching, and management.

Sciency® ELN Cloud is a cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) solution that has been designed to be immediately accessible, i.e. out-of-the-box. With its multi-browser compatibility and device scalability,

Sciency® ELN Cloud offers authorized researchers the ability to review, engage, and collaborate on their studies from anywhere in the world.

It also has superb security measures to ensure the stored data and transmissions are protected from any outside threats by encompassing 1028 bit data encryption, secure sockets layer (SSL), advanced persistent threat testing, and security log monitoring. Additionally, Sciency® ELN Cloud fully meets the requirements for GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 by providing administrator definable access control, granular audit trails, and electronic signature sign-offs



Sciency® ELN plugins are available for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, allowing seamless data transfer to Sciency®.

Before using Sciency® ELN, many laboratories utilized Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to manage laboratory notes and projects. Today, many of them still do! This is because Sciency® ELN Cloud offers a free, downloadable Microsoft Word and Excel Add-In tool. Whether it is used for an easy, one-time data migration or on a daily basis to import/export data, this Add-In makes adopting Sciency® ELN Cloud even easier.

RURO also offers a complimentary, extensively utilized Developer API with Sciency® ELN Cloud "Enterprise" edition. Transition your existing solutions with ease, rather than replacing them all at once.